LGBTQ+ Game Published in Maine

A new board game called Rainbow Quest encompasses a surprising variety of interactive challenges, all based on LGBTQ+ His/Herstory and Culture, as players traverse a rainbow path of flag challenges to reach a colorful "Better World for Everyone."


Fund Raiser for Rouge Fatale

Jason Spurrell, the force of nature behind the legendary drag personality Rouge Fatale, is scheduled for serious back surgery on March 25th, and friends have organized a fund raiser.


Trans-Formative Voices Music Therapy Program

As individuals, our voice is one of the most significant aspects that distinguish us from other people. What happens when you're transitioning, and all that starts to shift? When you don’t recognize your own voice anymore? Or when you start to feel like the sound of your voice doesn’t represent who you are? 


The Halifax Queer Orchestra

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, the Halifax Queer Ensemble is the first of its kind in the region. 

In July 2019, Wayves interviewed Halifax-based arts group Classical Queer organizer Jacob Caines about the new orchestra.


Halifax Pride February Update

"Having everyone up to date provides the best festival for everyone," said Adam Reid, Pride's long standing Executive Director as he listed the plans as they stand at the end of February.



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